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Welcome to our Media Page.  We have used a wide variety of different media for you to enjoy while you learn more about Native Ministry and Native Americans.

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Native Ministry Official Newsletter

Welcome to the official Blog for Native Ministries and all of our associated outreaches. There are articles on numerous subjects for you to search out and investigate. Articles are organized by topic so you are able to use our Blog as a study resource and while you are digging in, please use our comment section to improve the user experience for everyone. Keep your eye out for guest authors too.

Native Ministry Audio Sermons

This is where all of our audio archives can be found. Click the button below to look through our entire selection of audio files.

Native American Quotes

Over the years many Native Americans have said things that can only be described as profound. We are keeping a compilation of those few and far between words of wisdom so feel free to peruse our collection and, if you are feeling extra-ordinarily loquacious, use the comment section to share one of your favorites with everyone.

Native Ministry YouTube Channel

Welcome to the Native Ministry You Tube video page where we post all of our favorite and most recent video articles for you to enjoy while being enlightened on the lives and lifestyles of our Native American brothers and sisters.