October 2016 Prayer Letter

October 2016

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

On September 3rd as Mrs Sheril and I made our turn towards home, we stopped by the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and attended a Native missions meeting with Missionary / Pastor Ken Trivette at the Pine Ridge Baptist Church. It was a joy to see and to fellowship with all his dear Lakota Sioux people as well as all the missionaries. The Sunday before the meeting we were out on the bus route picking up riders. Before we made our first pick up the bus developed an oil leak and stranded us by the road. Bro Ken and Bro Eric Schafnitz returned back to the church and used two of the vans to make the pick up, leaving me to guard the stranded bus. I thought I was in for a long wait but God sent deliverance. A mechanic shop down the road sent out a fellow with a half-ton pickup truck and towed me and the seventy passengers’ bus back to the church with great speed, so I was able to attend the services without delay. Praise God for his delivering power! We never know how or when he will send us deliverance, but this time it came through a Chevrolet pickup truck — “I’ll take it.”

After leaving Pine Ridge the Lord gave us many open doors of opportunity to visit and present our missions work with other churches as we traveled home. Our hearts were encouraged, as only God was able to open these doors and to touch the hearts of the people.

After 72 days and nights out on the mission field, the Lord landed us home safely, but not without all your prayers. This trip was one of the most trying of our faith, but through your prayers and GOD’S help we made it through. As soon as we arrived home we had some doctor appointments with Sheril’s cancer doctor being one. Praise the Lord she received a good report.

We were only home three weeks and we found ourselves in another dilemma, Hurricane Matthew. As most of you know, the flooding from this storm left my home county (Robeson) and most of eastern NC devastated. While I was visiting some churches in the Asheville area Mrs Sheril was battling that storm along with her Mom. Praise the Lord they were not hurt and we only received minor damages at the house. After the storm was over all the people in that area were without electrical power and drinking water. A dear brother from our church loaned me a 16-foot enclosed trailer, Anchor Baptist Missions International donated a load of relief supplies, and Hoopers Creek Baptist Church gave us gas money. We were able to bring some much needed relief to our Lumbee tribal people as well as others affected by this storm. The Lord gave me a sweet opportunity to witness to one of my cousins that I’ve been praying for, for 36 years. God is good. Please continue to pray for all these communities affected by the storm.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry & Sheril Locklear

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