April Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

April was a very busy month out on the mission field. We were able to visit seven reservations during our travels throughout Washington State, Oregon and Montana. Four of the seven reservations have no solid Gospel works, the Nooksack Reservation, Lummi, Umatilla and the Spokane. Please pray that God would send a Preacher / Missionary to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these dear folks.

In February I received a call from a dear lady on the Nooksack Reservation requesting prayer for the tribe. She told me that she and another tribal member had been praying for more than six years that God would send them a Preacher to help them. My heart was overwhelmed with joy that God had given me this wonderful opportunity and yet I was also deeply heart broken for this people having no Gospel witness. I want you to know, preacher, church member, God is going to hold us responsible for our lack of getting the Gospel out to the lost and dying world. Ezekiel 3:18 When I say unto the wicked, thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Are you serving God today in the place he wants you, are you willing to go wherever he wants you to go? Only you can answer this question. I went and preached for them and carried two other missionaries with me. We had 26 in the first service and 39 in the second service. God met with us in a special way and the people were helped. This lady was able to locate me on my web-site, praise God for technology. All our missionaries need this ability to reach-out through internet. My web person (Warren McClish), has a desire to help missionaries have these resources, if you would like to help a missionary gain access to the internet please contact Warren McClish at (828)490-1604 or at info@wkmmediaservices.com and sponsor a missionary.

We had opportunity to visit with and preach once again for Bro Louie Lauvale at Tacoma Indian Baptist Church in Tacoma Washington. God is using Bro Louie to reach the Puyallup tribe and other surrounding tribes in the area. Please keep this work in your prayers.

We had a great revival meeting on the Warm Springs Reservation with Bro Larry McKenney and his dear folks at the Warm Springs Baptist Church. Our time with Bro Larry and sister McKenney was truly a blessing to me. Please pray for the McKenney’s as God uses them to minister to these dear folks.

We had opportunity to visit and worship with Bro Ronnie and sister Vickie Henderson and their dear folks on the Crow Reservation in Montana. Please pray for the Larue family, a young missionary couple going to help the Henderson’s there on the Crow Reservation.

The Lord gave us an outstanding Missions Conference with Bro Russell Pruitt and his dear folks at the Beartooth Mountain Baptist Church in Red Lodge Montana. The Preaching and fellowship was wonderful, please pray for this mission work that God will continue to bless and help Bro Pruitt and his family.

As we labor for Christ,


Gerry & Sheril Locklear

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