September Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

We trust you are doing well and serving the Lord at your post of duty. God has given us a wonderful and quite a busy year laboring out on the reservations. We are rejoicing over all the VBS’s He allowed us to organize and so thankful for all of you that have sacrificed your time and finances to help in getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many of our Native kids. We had many ask for salvation through your labors, and the missionaries were helped as well. We could not do what we do without you standing with us in this ministry. Thank you so much! God, our great record keeper, has added this to your account.

As Ms Sheril and I left our last VBS for the year in Spokane, Washington, we began our trip home. Our plans were to carry Ms Sheril home to resume her duties of caring for her elderly mom, and then my plans were to return back to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota a week later. As we were crossing through South Dakota our RV broke down in Wall. We both marveled how God so worked it out that we were able to get off the road and find a large parking lot at Wall Drug before it totally quit on us. At this point we could not see all that the Lord was doing. I called my mechanic, Bro William Oxendine, and he diagnosed it over the phone with great accuracy. We had to order the part that was going to take four days for delivery. Ms Sheril and I both began to feel a great calm about our hearts as God began to reveal to us HIS plan. Ms Sheril said, “I believe God wants me to stay and go with you to the Pine Ridge Reservation.” We both agreed that God ordered this time of rest for us, because of the last two months of hard work without a break. I can say without a doubt I have never enjoyed a better time broke down than this. Thank God for knowing exactly what we have need of.

We were able to make our repairs and headed over to the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Lord enabled us to labor with Bro Ken and Sister Sherry around the church, as they were making plans for the missions meeting the next week. Once again, the Lord settled our hearts with HIS peace that we were right where HE wanted us.

Bro Ken gave us the great opportunity to preach for him at the Pine Ridge Baptist Church there on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. My heart was so full of love for those dear folks; I could easily live among them as my own. Even writing this letter, I can barely write without stopping and thinking about them.

It was a joy to have Bro Randy Barton join us in the missions meeting and on the reservation. We visited some communities and delivered supplies to some needy folks. Bro Barton (with ABMI) brought a tractor trailer load of food and other supplies and gave to all the missionaries and to the Native people. What a great blessing! Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy! God used Bro Randy Barton and Bro Larry Adams to preach a powerful mission meeting that week. I was truly revived in my soul. What more can I say? HE is good all the time.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry & Sheril Locklear

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