May 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

Ya’ at’ eeh’ (“Hello” in Navajo language) from the Navajo Reservation in Pinon, Arizona. The Lord has blessed us with another wonderful opportunity to put our hands to the plow and labor once again for HIM.

May 13th was our first workday at Stronghold Baptist Church in the beautiful state of Arizona. The missionary / pastor Bro Joel Haynes refers to this community as “where the pavement ends and the wild west begins.” 

We had 13 workers to sacrifice their time and finances to meet us and work on the church. I would like to thank each one of you for giving of yourselves to the Lord and for the upbuilding of HIS kingdom. You truly did amaze me with all the hard work and the willingness you displayed. God has recorded this and has added to your heavenly account. Even though we were shorthanded, you were not discouraged but seemed to work harder to compensate for the shortage. 

It was a joy to have many of the Native men and women join us in the work on the church. The time spent working on the church and the fellowship made our time sweet and very memorable. I was reminded of King David and the Israelite people in 1 Chronicles 29:9: “Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they offered willingly to the LORD: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.” Thank you, LORD, for this great opportunity.

We were blessed to have 5 preachers join us for the work. Each night after supper we took turns preaching the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ to our Native people. God has blessed this community with this church and many souls have been saved. This ministry is just over 2 years old and the first solid Gospel work in this community. These dear Native people are first timers saved in their families. What a joy to be a part of this mighty move of God in the hearts of these, my beloved brothers and sisters. 

I would like to also thank all the churches and individuals that sent money to help with the purchase of materials and for hiring some individuals to help in the work. Lord willing, by June 12th all the work will be completed. 

Please pray for us as we have a very busy schedule the rest of the year. I have a very special prayer request; please pray for my sister Diane Locklear. She is 63 years old and is awaiting a heart transplant in Chapel Hill, NC. She has been admitted into the hospital until she receives her new heart. We know God is able and we are trusting in Him. Thank you so much for standing with us in this ministry.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry & Sheril Locklear

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