January 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

We are rejoicing in that God has given us another year to labor for Him out on the mission field. No greater way to start off the new year than thanking Him for another opportunity to roll up our sleeves and get under our cross and lift it up on high and proclaim to this lost and dying world that He is not a good way, but that He is the only way, and we can see Him one day, face to face, in peace. I trust today that you have a clear vision of your mission field and that it is the preeminence of your life to Christ. As quoted by one of our dear friends and preachers, Bro Stinnett Ballew, who went home to be with the Lord last year: “You are a missionary or you are in need of a missionary. Find that place where God has called you and give your all in serving Him.” 

The week before Christmas we had the great opportunity to visit the Maliseet Reservation in Houlton, Maine, and give out Christmas shoeboxes to the kids. We had 68 kids and 48 adults attend a Christmas party. A family out of Faith Baptist Church, where Brother Chester Ammons is pastor, helped with the party and giving out the gifts. Their son Matthew, 16, helped me read the Christmas story and preach the Gospel to these dear folks. With the help of Faith Baptist Church there in Houlton, Maine, and Turkey Creek Baptist Church in Leicester, North Carolina, we will be holding a VBS there with the Maliseet Tribe in July. We are looking forward to seeing all that God will do. We have Vacation Bible Schools scheduled on reservations from Maine to Washington State to Alaska. Please pray for the churches that will be assisting us with these. 

The Lord has opened a door of opportunity next week for us to visit some tribes in Southern California. We have 104 tribes in California and currently I know of no one on any of these reservations preaching the Gospel. Please pray for our safety and effectiveness in this effort to get the Gospel to them. 

I would like to thank all the churches and individuals that came out and assisted us last year with our building projects and VBS’s and for all of you that stood with us prayerfully and financially. Fourteen souls were added to the kingdom through your participation. God has the record and has added this to your account. 

Please let me know if you would like us to come to your church and share our burden with you. 

As We Labor for Christ, 

Gerry & Sheril Locklear

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