March 2022 Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

As I begin this prayer letter, I must start with giving God thanks for allowing me to see the birth of my first great granddaughter. This brings a joy to my soul that words cannot describe. Our little Ms Kenley Elizabeth Billingsley was born on February 1st. I’m reminded of Genesis 50:23 how God allowed Joseph to see his children of the third generation and the Bible says, “they were brought up upon Joseph’s knees” and beloved, I’m asking God for the same blessing. No greater blessing than the opportunity to instill God’s principles into the hearts of your children. 

We are rejoicing once again that God met with us in a special way at 2022 Share-A-Thon. The preaching and singing were out of this world. I can’t say that we were in the third heaven, but I believe I could see it at a close distance. Through your faithful giving the radio and internet budget was met. Thank you for standing with this great mission supported ministry. For those of you that are not tuned in, you can go to on your internet device or download the ABN app from your app store. You will find no greater preaching or singing anywhere else.

Once again God has opened many doors of opportunity for us. I have been very busy working on our schedule for this upcoming year. Right now, we have Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) scheduled from Maine to Washington State to Alaska, and for the first time ever, God has blessed us with enough churches to get her done. I guess it took the coronavirus of 2020 and 2021 to stir us up and get us moving. I guess we know better now how to pray for help: “Lord, whatever it takes.” If you remember two years ago, I was on the Kootenai Reservation in the panhandle of Idaho. This is the reservation where the lady told me that they were not looking for God and “we don’t want you here.” Praise the Lord! I’m glad to report to you that as of just a few days ago, God has given us an open door to go out on the reservation and pick up the kids and bring them to the Bonner’s Ferry Baptist Church, just a couple of miles off the reservation, for VBS. Praise the Lord! We serve an Almighty God. The VBS is scheduled for the week of July 18th. Please pray that God will move in the heart of these dear folks. This reservation and also the Kalispel Reservation in northern Washington State do not have a church or missionary working with them. Please pray that God will send a missionary to each of these reservations. This will be our 2nd VBS on the Kalispel Reservation. 

We have one more decision to make concerning the warehouse in the southwest. Please help us pray for a right decision. I’m asking for supplies from our missionaries all the time. I don’t usually put them in my prayer letter, but we have need of 2 vans on the Navajo Reservation and also 25 bunks with mattresses. Ask God what He wants you to do.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry & Sheril Locklear
Missionaries to the Native Americans

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