July 2023 Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

Lamentations 5:5 “Our necks are under persecution: we labour, and have no rest.” Beloved, does it seem at times that all our labor for the Lord is always under attack by old Satan? You know that you are doing what the Lord wants you to do, and here he comes, trying to discourage you.

Our first Bible school for July was on the Wampanoag Reservation on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My church, Hoopers Creek Baptist Church, helped us with this Bible school. Satan was attacking on all sides with the group breaking down and even a car accident. Praise the Lord no one was hurt! It was so plain to see that the devil did not want us to have this Bible school. I had my share of hardship. I made the trip with a back injury I received on the Navajo Reservation the month before, during another VBS. Then while I was there on Cape Cod, I got covid and developed a UTI, so I was not able to help with the Bible school. BUT, BUT, BUT the Lord BUTTED in, and the Bible school was a success. Our high night was 23 in attendance. Praise the Lord! Our door knocking was great, and the church folks received a shot of spiritual B-12. Beloved, don’t count it a defeat if all your labors seem to be uphill, God is still working through you.

It has been many years since I’ve had an opportunity to attend my home church, Hoopers Creek Baptist Church, Bible school. What a wonderful time we had. God truly met with us in special way with five souls receiving Christ as their personal Savior. God truly has enabled this group of men and women to share the Gospel in the most loving and tender way. I thank God for giving me this group of people to worship and serve Him with.

July 19th North Hazelwood Baptist Church helped us with a Bible school on the Navajo Reservation in Indian Wells, Arizona. We cannot express to you enough of our gratitude for your faithfulness to help our Native people to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you back next year. We also want to thank East Alarka Baptist Church and Old Savannah Baptist Church for your help with a Bible school on the Quechan Reservation in Winterhaven, California. Your willingness to come and endure the overwhelming heat for the souls of men is a mark of your love for God and His work. God blessed you with one soul for your labor. Yes! It was worth it. Thank you and we are also looking forward to seeing you back next year.

Please pray for the rest of our Bible schools that God will move in a mighty way and save souls for His Glory.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry & Sheril Locklear
Missionaries to the Native Americans

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