October-November 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Soldiers of the Cross,

On October 25, I was given a very unworthy and special honor by one of our greatest preachers here in Western NC, Bro John J Huntley. Bro John’s family said that he had requested me to say the last prayer at his funeral. I was overwhelmed by Bro John’s request and yet rejoiced, that God had given me the opportunity to have a friend and spiritual guide like Bro John in my life. Bro John was 98 years old and a WWII Veteran and the last one living of four brothers that were all Baptist preachers. His preaching, as well as his military stories, drew me to him over the last 27 years. Thank God for MEN like Bro John that can leave a mark in our lives that makes us want to keep on keeping on. He will be greatly missed.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of Career Day at Fletcher Elementary School where my two youngest grandsons attend. I went as a missionary, and what a wonderful time we had letting the kids know that they too could be a full-time worker for the Lord. The school did not forbid me form putting Bibles and tracts on my table and allowing the kids to take them. Praise the Lord for another open door for the Gospel!

We have had a very busy October and November with preaching and working on our next year’s schedule. My 2020 summer is already booked with VBS from Maine to Washington State to Alaska. Please pray for us as this will require more flying time. Our camper will be going into the shop for the hail damage repairs in two weeks. Please pray that all goes well, and the insurance company will do their part.

The Lord has blessed us to see another Thanksgiving season. Let us truly be thankful to HIM for his many blessing upon our lives. Where would we be without Him? We pray for you that God will meet your every need and that you will be faithful to Him in word, deed and lifestyle.

As We Labor for Christ,

Gerry and Sheril Locklear 

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